Watch This Space Jewellery

Watch This Space are a small family business based in Birmingham with Tora (Victoria McGowan-Smyth) and Olly (Oliver McGowan-Smyth) at the helm. They began in 1998 with a single vision: to inject a shot of colour into the UK's drab accessory scene. Back then, they could never have dreamed that they were at the beginning of a journey of over 20 years, which has seen them navigate every conceivable high and low, not least the wildly shifting global economic landscape.

Their design-led costume jewellery range draws from Tora’s 40 years’ experience in the fashion industry and is designed by Tora and her talented team of designers from the UK and world-wide. They use both traditional and unique handmade techniques in order to create a range of beautiful jewellery and accessories.

Watch This Space primarily work with resin to produce stunning vibrant colourful combinations in the jewellery and to enhance their designs, they incorporate a wide range of materials including pewter, aluminium, silverleaf (foil), and natural materials such as shell (capiz, paua, mother of pearl all from sustainable resources), wood, flowers and real skeletal leaves, fresh water pearls and much more.  All the metal findings used in the jewellery are hypoallergenic and comply with European and UK legislation regarding nickel and lead.

They work with every step of the supply chain from the material and component suppliers, to their UK and Philippine manufacturing and assembly teams, to ensure the business operates ethically at every level from employee and workers' rights to environmental concerns. Their shell, wood and pearls are sustainably farmed from sustainable resources.

They are especially well known for their use of colour and each season they launch many exciting new collections in line with changing fashions, as well as bringing the best sellers out in new seasonal must-have colours.


Above all, they are passionate about jewellery and firmly believe that in challenging times you need a unique, beautiful and well-made product to stand out from the crowd. As a family owned company, they have always striven to combine classic contemporary design with a refreshing approach to business, and for the last twenty one years have been bringing you collection after collection of stunning designer jewellery, made, as always, with love and care by their close-knit team of talented designers and producers.