Robell Trousers - What's your favourite style?

Robell Trousers, brilliant styles for all body shapes. Here are the style names, various fabrics and prints available in all these styles. Contact Gillie G’s of Petersfield to discuss.

Rose – Very slim fit, overall narrow leg, hem width 32cm

Marie – Straight leg, hem width 35cm

Bella – Straight leg with back pockets, slightly wider thighs than Marie, hem width 34cm

Nena – Very slim fit as Rose with Zip detailing, hem width 32cm

Holly & Rita – Slim leg with zipped pockets on front, hem width 32cm

Elena – Very slim fit, hem width 33cm

Collette –Super slim fit, hem width 26cm

Star – Super slim fit (skinny), 5 pockets, hem width 26cm

Emma – Culotte trousers, ankle length, hem width 60cm

Hygge – Jogger style, ankle length, hem width 28cm

Jacklyn – Classic slim leg, hem width 38cm

Any 09 style - 7/8 length at 68cm, perfect as full length for the shorter lady

Any 07 style - Capri length at 55cm

Any 05 style – Bermuda Shorts length at 40cm


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