LOQI Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Bags

“At LOQI, we collaborate with artists from around the world to bring you a wide range of the most original bag designs possible. We’ve climbed the mountains of Romania. Stumbled through the streets of Tokyo. Got lost in London and buzzed in Berlin. We’ll do just about anything to hunt down a LOQI artist. Our products are also just like you and me – great looking, smart and dependable.

We are committed to being high-quality, eco-friendly and affordable, we want our bags to appeal to people from the most different ends of the spectrum. The more people who like our bags, the more people will practice recycling and reusing, and the better off we will all be tomorrow.”

LOQI Products are 100% recycled taffeta by GREEN CIRCLE® certified
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
Water resistant
Made using waterless printing and Sustainable
LOQI is certified CO2 Neutral by Planetly