HB Shoes

About HB Shoes
HB Shoes Ltd has been designing premium footwear in the West End of London since 1964.  Now based in modern contemporary offices in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside the company remains true to its routes manufacturing bespoke, handmade shoes in artisan factories in the Tuscan Hills of Italy and small handpicked Spanish workshops.
Having pioneered the introduction of quality Italian Footwear to London’s most esteemed retailers and later throughout the rest of the UK and Ireland, they continually look to source footwear brands to complement their collections.
All of their brands for premium retailers are handpicked to ensure they offer a full range of styles to suit every occasion, ensuring quality, expert fitting and style are at the forefront of their offering. 
All their footwear is still made in Italy or Spain in artisan factories 
The standard fitting for HB Footwear is a C fitting