Olsen design modern clothes and is perfect for women of all ages, because they are inspired by all women who have the courage to change their world.

 Olsen offers fashion for powerful women who know where they come from and inspires them to live out their curiosity and to redesign their world, again and again. They design fashion for character strong women with style. Women, full of curiosity and serenity who take each day as it comes.

“Olsen are authentic, stylistically confident and sophisticated with the right sense for modernity.“ 

They have created coordinated contemporary fashion collections that evolve around their most important product categories:  Knitwear and jersey.

 Their European heritage and design signature shows through all their collections. They stand for collections that are figure-flattering and age-appropriate and therefore make conscious selections of fashion trends, prints and colours.

 Olsen choose high quality materials that are comfortable, long-lasting, easy-care and contain a high proportion of Natural fibres.