The Branch Jewellery

All of Branch jewellery is still lovingly handmade and produced in Bali in Indonesia. In fact they still use the same workshops they started off using over 15 years ago.  Of course, the workshops have grown somewhat since those early days.  They now have 2 workshops in Bali, one for the wood and one for the silver work.   Branch use local Balinese Artisan to produce their collections and are very proud that fair trade policies apply on all production. 
They have a training scheme within their workshops where Branch will train Balinese locals in either wood carving or silver work.  Their aim is to keep these traditional Balinese crafts alive for many years to come. Bali is changing at such a rapid rate and it would be shame if their traditional crafts were lost forever, Branch hope by encouraging young people to learn these crafts they can at least keep things a little like they have been for many generations before.  
Branch Jewellery are now famed for their work across the globe and have established themselves as the world leading specialist in wooden jewellery, each season stretching boundaries in design and the materials they work into our wooden collections.   


The wood they use is all ethically sourced and where possible they use reclaimed wood.  Most wood items are available in 3 wood colours.  Brown Rosewood (This is completely natural) Black (which is actually darkened with a wood dye) and white wood (which they use a process to lighten the wood).

Due to the wood being a natural material, there is always a slight variation in colour, but The Branch feel this adds to the beauty of each piece. Each piece has its own markings and no two pieces are ever quite the same. This is especially true with the Rosewood, as the grain in the wood is the most prominent.  


Most of the items are sterling silver or gold plate on silver (Vermeil).  Some of the items are silver plate or gold plate on metal (Brass base metal).  The exact material for each item is detailed in the description. The Branch do not use any Nickel in the production of their jewellery so no nasty reactions with the skin.  


All silver chains are either sterling silver or 18ct Gold plate on silver.