Mat De Misaine

A bit of history...
A mât de misaine is the foremost mast on a schooner, while the misaine is the foresail set on it.
Our name is both technical and poetic, reflecting exactly who we are.
Mat de Misaine was established in 1990 in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie - a famous fishing port and seaside resort on the French Atlantic coast. Since then the brand has focused on offering clothing which combines the worlds of sea and fashion: clothing inspired of the traditional washed canvas workwear of deep sea fishermen and revisited for men and women in search of elegant and authentic products.
The spirit of the Atlantic
To this day, Mat de Misaine draws inspiration from its roots, the Atlantic coast and its islands, and is committed to defending its values, craftsmanship and easy living.
Their vision of French elegance with its inextricable link to sailor wear has led to the creation of a comprehensive and modern wardrobe, in a casual chic style that is far removed from common stereotypes on traditional sailor wear.
Drawing on their expertise, they choose to focus on a limited range of essentials: pea coats, sailor tops and jumpers, parkas, which we reinvent each season.
Mat de Misaine shun artificial materials in favour of fabrics that are natural, comfortable and lasting, such as cotton, linen, wool and cashmere. We advocate a comfortable elegance.
The Mat de Misaine look is decidedly modern and casual. They favour simple lines, and work on their designs throughout the year to create garments that are thought out with the utmost care.
To feel good at all times and be in tune with oneself, that is their philosophy.
From one season to the next they strive to enrich the brand’s vocabulary with small details, nice finish and beautiful prints to add a fancy and fashion touch to our clothing. These fashion details give the brand personality and vibrancy.